Chrome - Setup

There are a lot of different kinds of web services where you can take advantage of the Enigmer: news sites, forums, social media stuff, you name it. Because there are so many of them (and they keep changing their layouts and log in -techniques from time to time), I can't show you an example of the Enigmer setup to a particular web service. Their password management -systems usually follows the same basic principle, so here is a general guideline on how to start using Enigmer with a web service.

Step 1

Install Enigmer (if you haven't done it already, instructions can be found here)

Step 2

Login to the service as you normally do.

Step 3

When logged in, find the page where you can change your password. Usually it's found under account settings, sometimes there is a link Change my password. It depends on the service you are using.

Step 4

Usually the password change -page has three password fields in it where you are required to enter the current password, a new password and repeat that new password. Enter your current password to the correspondingGeneral log in -form field.



Step 5

Add the first new password -field to the Enigmer. Right-click on it and select Enigmer...


Step 6

Enigmer wants to know the name of the group that's created (what's a group?). Enter the name and press Ok. The first new password -field should have a letter E in it (aligned to the right):Field marker

Step 7

Add the second new password field to the Enigmer. Right-click on it and select Enigmer... When a window pop's up, select "Previously created group" and click on the grop name you created on the previous step. Confirm by pressing Save.

Now the second field should also have a letter E in it.

Step 8

Enter some input to the first new password -field and repeat it to the second one. This input is half of the password, so you should make sure its complex enough while you can still remember it easily. If there's an error Filled fieldsclaiming about your password length or complexity, you can fire the Enigmer on both fields by selecting them one by one and pressing Shift + Alt + down arrow key while the field is selected. The input you entered is combined with the salt in Enigmer and the result is printed back to the field. Confirm the password change on the service by pressing some kind of submit button from the page. If the errors come back, maybe you should make small adjustments to Enigmer password settings, clear the fields and try again.

Step 9

Log out from the service and browse back to the login page.

Step 10

Add the login password field to the Enigmer. Right-click on it and select Enigmer... When a window pop's up, select "Previously created group" and click on the group name you created on the 6th step. Confirm it by selecting Ok.


Step 11


That might seem a bit lengthy procedure, but once you start using and get to know the idea behind Enigmer, it's really not that difficult. If you're already using Enigmer and you'd like to change your password, a step-by-step guide can be found here (Guides - Chrome - Change Password). The procedure is almost the same as above.
Also, more information about the password-settings are here (Guides - Chrome - Settings).

So, now you're ready to go to the real world. If you get stuck, FAQ-page might help. If you're interested in the technics behind Enigmer, go ahead and see the tech-page.