Firefox - Settings

You can adjust Enigmer settings from the settings screen. The screen can be opened in various ways:

  1. From the menubar (Tools – Enigmer Settings)
  2. From the right-click -menu (Enigmer – Properties)
  3. From the keyboard using the hotkeys (default hotkey is Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E)

Settings screen looks like this (some small things might have changed after this screenshot):

Enigmer settings

First in the upper part of the screen you have the group settings. You can change the name of the group and view all the password fields which are connected to the selected group.

Below the groups, there are the group salts. You also have the option to create a new salt from the Update Salt -button. Salts -list shows only the salts for the selected group (more information about the group and salt is here).

After this, you have a bunch of different settings where you can adjust the resulting password. These settings are specific to the selected salt:

Password length: Duh, it's the length of the resulting password. Length is a value between 6 and 32 characters, defaults to 32.
Password characters: A set of allowed characters from which the algorithm picks out the characters to the password. Custom-option let's you pick up the characters from other character sets (you may leave out some special characters for example).
Password requirements: Minimum number of selected characters, that should be on the password. This setting ensures, the resulting password will include at least the given number of selected types of characters. Number of charactes may be from 1 to password length (if maxed out, password will consist only selected type of characters).
Character repitition: Prevents repititive characters from the password (for example: 'password' has two consecutive s-letters, this setting prevets that from happening. Doesn't affect the length of the password though, in the example, second s-letter is replaced by some other letter).

Then you have the buttons for importing and exporting Enigmer settings. These actions make it a bit simpler to exchange settings between computers, and in the future, between devices. Before you can export settings, you're asked to save current ones (if you've made some changes to them). Then Enigmer wants to know, where to save the settings.

Importing settings works basically the same way. Before you can import new settings, Enigmer warns that you will lose current settings. After selecting the import file, Enigmer warns again about losing the settings before overwriting them.

At the bottom of the screen you have the testing area. You can enter your input on the first box and the second one shows the resulting password. This is currently the only way to see your real password and it makes it possible to backup your passwords or use the passwords on different computers and devices. Resulting password is depended on the selected salt and it's settings. This is also a good way to test the affect of the settings on the password.

Finally, you cancel all the changes you have made by pressing Cancel and save them by pressing Save (surprise surprise).