Mar 20, 2016
Category: Development

Dev log - Chrome version under way

In order to get as much help from Enigmer as possible, you should be able to use it on different platforms.

The Chrome version is coming up nicely, although the development has been slow paced.

The Chrome has a very different extension-system and that's why I have to basically recode Enigmer once again (during the Firefox-version development, I had to recode Enigmer three times just because I had never developed a browser extension and I had limited experinece on OO-style programming with Javascript).

Good news is that all the most popular browsers (IE or Edge, Firefox, possibly Opera too) may start using same extension system (at least the basics should be the same). Chrome already does that, so this new version should make things easier in the future. Hopefully porting Enigmer to different platforms gets less painful.

All in all, the Chrome version is under development and it's going to be published in the coming months (I won't even try to guess exact dates). It's coming, just hang in there. For the time being, here's a screenshot from the current version of Enigmer settings -screen on Chrome: Enigmer on Google Chrome